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Our coffee comes from our farm in Nicaragua, in the Nueva Segovia region. Additionally, we source from our neighboring farms. 

No, we are direct trade - we not only pay fairtrade prices, but we also reinvest a portion of our earning back to the Nueva Segovia community. Our goal is to positively impact the livelihood of the farmers and their families.

 A percentage of your purchase goes back to the Nueva Segovia community. Together, we and the rest of the farmers decide on how best to invest the proceeds. Since 2011, we have helped to build houses and communal infrastructure and to put kids in the community through school among other initiatives. We are further exploring ways to have a tangible and direct impact. Feel free to reach out if you have feedback on social equality issues or if you want to help out.

Yes, we are proudly a Canadian-Nicaraguan business. We farm our own coffee which we later roast and distribute here in Canada. Feel free to stop by and chat! 

We roast our coffee in Nicaragua and fly it in every week - we do this to help out the local economy. The coffee you get was probably roasted 6 - 8 days ago.

We do not add any flavors to our coffee. The only ingredient in our coffee is great coffee.

All coffee in our Ready to Ship section has been roasted within the past 1-2 weeks, so you're being sent coffee that is fresh and at the perfect time to brew!

Coffee beans are at their peak level of freshness for two to three weeks after they are roasted. After that, the oils begin to lose their delicious aromas and the coffee bean cells begin to slowly break down, causing the fresh qualities of the coffee to be replaced by dull, muted, and bitter flavors. To keep your coffee as fresh as possible, store it in an airtight location away from light and heat. If you keep coffee beans for longer than a month, you don't have anything to worry about health-wise. Your coffee will only be a shadow of its former self, but it won't grow any mold for many years (as long as it stays dry

it's important for a few reasons. Firstly, freshly roasted and ground coffee tastes dramatically different than its pre-ground counterpart. The rich aromas and flavors of fresh coffee cannot be beaten. Period. If you've never had uber-fresh coffee, it's time to change that! Secondly, fresh coffee is not just a change of beverage. It's a change of attitude - a symbolic gesture that motivates you to shoot for the stars, rather than standing still. We're all about empowering our customers and friends to be intentional and focused throughout life, and drinking delicious coffee, rather than stale coffee, is just one small way to do that. Your coffee is so fresh that we actually recommend waiting about 7 days off roast to brew it so the coffee can properly degas. With that, the time it takes for the coffee to degas to reach optimal flavor coincides perfectly with the time it takes for the coffee to ship so you're receiving the freshest coffee possible! Cheers!

Yes, we offer freshly customized ground coffee, along with our whole bean roasts. We take the freshness and flavor of our coffee to heart. That’s why our Freshly Ground offerings start with a whole bean, roasted-to-order coffee and are ground with a state-of-the-art professional grinder. 

We offer 14 oz. bags.

contact us at: mycoffee@elcafesito.cawe love to chat or stop by at: 2151 McCallum Road, 0, Abbotsford British Columbia V2S 3N8. (Our coffee shop). We give a free muffin to the first 10 people who walk in everyday!